CHI-KUNG 気候 CLASSES: Health, Balance and Brain Function. VA Research

The VA has been promoting CHI KUNG 気候 for physical and mental health。ポルスエエネ Paul is an acupuncturist who studied martial arts for 30 years in Europe, Japan, China,and the USA. Classes will teach chi-kung for energy strength and healing. Please try for a month to see if you like it. You will notice a change in health and mood in just a few classes!!!

“In the brain is the source of the manifestation of every aspect of the body. It is the source of expression for the growing consciousness that shapes and forms everything. Spirit manifests through the brain in the creation of thought and ideas and many other energies that shape our physicality. That is to say that the source of human intelligence is not local. It is as though the brain were a transformer of incoming energies that over evolution have shaped it physically in order to adapt human consciousness. This is a core or source of life force that is available and can be transferred. The Chinese understood this idea of the brain as source, and this is one of the reasons they called the brain the “sea of bone marrow”. A certain transfer of energy from the brain comes more through vibrational levels than the physical so the consciousness associated with any movement of energy is more important than the physical action of the brain. However, the available level of this coherent energy available in the brain is rarely accessed. Most individuals thought patterns relate back to random nerve firings that are largely incoherent. Neurons releasing/firing together equals coherency and this allows for magnetic field fluctuations to be in resonance and as a result much stronger (it may help to think of coherency as a laser beam as opposed to a regular flashlight). In the brain this is called linear coherence as opposed to coherence as measured in the heart. The heart is rhythmical. One can consider popular music to see how different the musical/brain forms are from the rhythmical/heart sounds and yet how beautiful they combine. In their alignment and coherency, which is a much higher level of Martial Arts practice, all kinds of powerful energies are available simply because of the density of neurons. Many of these neurons seem to create electrical patterns and then in a coherent manner create magnetic patterns. These magnetic patterns have effect at a distance in the world, in one’s body and the bodies of others. This is an alternate scientific way of utilizing more modern understanding to explain this but, inherently understood by the Chinese as opportunity for all kinds of energies as pure source. The potential here is tremendous.
Meditation is a step in the direction of coherency but, there is much more to it than that. Indeed, meditation can be that which involves only a small portion of the brain at any given time. The activation of many brain components simultaneously is truly a martial arts practice just as when one is doing some martial art form or “kata” moving and focusing on one part of the body; it is how one starts. But, as one gets better at it, the same movement might even appear to someone else as the same movement with which one began. It changes for one because there is far more awareness of every aspect of the body. When one is focusing on movement of the hands, one becomes more aware of the feet and how every aspect of the body is positioned. Why should this awareness stop there? Why not extend this also to the brain and the activity that it is involved in. A tremendous amount of constant activity in the brain is autonomic and governs all of the attributes of the rest of your body. All this is must be available as the neurons are all in the same approximation. They are all close to each other and can share energy if you use it. Some would not do so fearing that perhaps they would damage the body by turning that which is autonomic into something that which might, under their conscious control, cause them harm. At first thought that is an understandable concern. However, this is the same sort of energy that is understood in regards to martial arts practice where you take any aspect or function and make it more conscious. The combining of the disciplines of meditation and martial arts continues to hold great promise.
There is a natural rhythm associated with brain wave function close to the Schumann resonance frequency of the earth (which averages around eight cycles per second) which is able to work at harmonic submultiples of this clustered in the delta region frequencies at 3-4 cycles per second. Technically, the Schumann resonances are quasi-standing electromagnetic waves that exist between the surface of the Earth and the inner edge of the ionosphere 55 kilometers up (Handbook of Atmospheric Electrodynamics, Vol.1 chapter 11, Hans 1995)The standing waves represent several frequencies with the fundamental one being 7.8 Hz. The opportunities to work with these energies are rarely used by individuals in a conscious state because one would usually be half-asleep and eventually fall asleep or wake up. Typically the meditations might involve tapes, mantras etc…but, as one goes deeper with this, there is a natural sense of merging, becoming one with all things. Under such circumstances, the continuation of the meditation is difficult to continue in any conscious sense because one would seem to be directing it, implying separation of the director and that which is directed and yet in the oneness the energies are all present. This experience is one of the beginning of coherency throughout the brain. The capacity to produce this coherence is simply that of these brainwave states being natural, with which one easily accesses and works.
The brain naturally goes through these frequencies all day and night, so it is nothing that the person has to create. Hence, the understanding of this at a technological level can be provided to some extent by biofeedback and techniques utilized to enhance theta brainwave states. Martial arts are one method of sharing energy throughout the entire physical body. Eventually, as in so many things of this nature, it is a rediscovery of naturally occurring aspects that are already present.To do martial art training in the lower frequencies is desirable for those who are looking for special training not commonly done. As one moves through the Alpha frequencies, one eventually comes into the Delta range. One can easily sense the shift in brain wave patterns without actually measuring them. It is very difficult for most individuals to work with these lower frequencies during any physical body movement as one would fall down or be sleeping but the masters have indeed learned this and by their example this can be taught.” copyrighted HealthoverHarmony

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