The Future of Healing and Evolution 2005-2016




******”Many frequencies that relate to all health relate to DNA frequency oscillation movement change and the interrelationship between the helixes themselves. These heli have various and subtle yet complex frequency interactions which must typically extend into the megahertz range. Therefore, when a patient asks about frequency adjustment, as many do, I appreciate the question. However, such a question is too vague since the body is far too complex when it comes to frequencies. High frequencies can be adjusted by various structures but the capacity to modulate or shift such energies does come from the consciousness of the person. Therefore, I usually try to coach the patient and explain the basic physics and metaphysics behind the science of geometric biological formations, electric/magnetic/crystal combinations and other subtle energies as best I can.

Applying frequencies to a 7-foot by 7-foot copper, crystal, and gold pyramid as I work has proven interesting over the years. Certain electrical units utilize waveforms that mimic the specific type of waves as found in the acupuncture meridians. Other wave forms applied externally allow one to form complex wave forms utilizing simple division of frequency theories so frequencies are brought into the brain wave region and many specific interrelationships between frequencies in the human brain region and human voice frequency have been discovered yet the ultimate wave forms themselves remain as sine waves.

T.E.N.S. (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) units and certain wave forms will at times produce some higher harmonics that the patient will find disturbing and are not desirable (nausea, vomiting and insomnia). Overriding the galvanic currents in the pyramid itself was in the end not so difficult as a simple T.E.N.S. unit was sufficient. Direct magnetic stimulus has proved thus far the most effective and least stressful for most people. The brain has the highest number of neurons and is thus most susceptible to magnetic field interaction. Utilizing a number of frequencies has been used in all kinds of research for the communication of specific tones and colors. Yet, if these carrier waves have impressed upon them powerful healing aspects by an experienced healer this also will be transmitted.

Patients often do not realize that every type of body part has a frequency associated with it at which that gland, organ or muscle functions most efficiently. When an ideal frequency is established as, for example, through voice tones, these tones can then be used as a sort of tuning fork to help adjust the sick organ’s frequency. The usual published body part frequencies usually relate to measurable specific audio frequencies. In looking at the frequency of organs, you are also looking at a much higher frequency connection related to DNA associated with that part of the body that apparently will typically extend into the megahertz range.

The interesting thing is that there is a direct octave frequency relationship and this frequency must be borne by the brain. The brain itself must be able to shift these frequencies and work with them all the way to macro-brain patterns that occur across the en-tire brain and are those that are easily picked up by e.e.g. (electroencephalograph). Hence, providing frequencies associated with an organ can allow the brain to move into a condition of a sense of equilibrium or even entrainment. This can be particularly helpful if octave relationship is applied so that you lower the frequencies until you come to the 7-21 cps brain wave patterns.

Buried within the human voice is the reflex pattern you will see in the other body parts such as the ear and eye that are well known. This reflex pattern is also established within the potentially sacred human voice, but insufficient voice analysis techniques are available to understand this completely. Thus the important emphasis of many on developing the throat area chakras.

However, there are those that study and work with this and have come up with sounds that are very healing. Similarly, there are some people who sing, chant, or bring sounds that are inherently very healing to the human body, and this is where the use of frequency to name these sounds is really appropriate, is measurable and that with which people in their singing are able to work. As a result, in many ways it is the most accurate way of working with the frequencies of an organ. (I remember many healing sessions listening to the monks chanting). I suspect that the voice healing will eventually be a far better tuned, more accurate way of healing with frequency than would be anything of pure instrumentation or technology.” (copyright 2007)

These realizations and study in the early 2000s led to amazing advancements in healing via tesla tech, scalar theories and inert gases (which we have used since 2002 w incredible clinical physical results) .These advanced technologies based on math and biology are the future of healing, conscious-subconscious pathways, and subtle body integration at the most profound level. This is sped up evolution.”



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